Tickets can be ordered for just one morning or afternoon, for all day Sunday or for the entire program of 16 and 17 September.

The visit will be financed out of the ticket revenue. Any revenue that remains after the event will be donated to a charity or organisation chosen by His Holiness.

The prices are as follows:

Sunday 16 September

09:30– 11:45 Public talk by HH the Dalai Lama: ‘Why Compassion is Essential in our Troubled World.’
Tier 1 € 45
Tier 2 € 35
Tier 3 € 25

14:00 – 17:00 Teaching by Thupten Jinpa: ‘The Power of Compassion in your Daily Life’ and the film ‘The Last Dalai Lama’
Tier 1 € 20
Tier 2 € 15
Tier 3 € 10

Combi-ticket for all day Sunday
Tier 1 € 60
Tier 2 € 45
Tier 3 € 30

Monday 17 September

09:30 – 11:30 Buddhist teaching by HH the Dalai Lama: ‘Eight Verses for Training the Mind in Compassion.’
Tier 1 € 50
Tier 2 € 40
Tier 3 € 30

Combi-ticket for Sunday and Monday
Tier 1 € 105
Tier 2 € 80
Tier 3 € 55

Parking tickets
Tickets for the Ahoy parking area are sold out very quickly. We advise you to order a parking ticket for the price of €17.50 (per day) when ordering your tickets.

Sponsor’s ticket
If you would like to contribute to making this visit possible, you can become a sponsor by contributing €400. The advantages of being a sponsor can be found in this document. Click here to select and order your sponsorticket.  At least two weeks before the teachings you will receive by e-mail your parking card and your invitation to the VIP room where lunch is served.

NB: the only publicly audible translation during the talks will be in English. To listen to the translation of HH teachings into Dutch, German or French you will need to bring your own Wi-Fi device (smartphone or tablet) and a set of headphones or earphones. Please be aware that if you do not bring your own device you cannot listen to the translation. The use of laptops is not permitted at this event. 

If you wish to access the online translation, you will need to order a code, which costs €7.50, when ordering your ticket. One week prior to the event you will then receive instructions via email explaining how to install an app on your telephone or tablet that will enable you to listen to the translation. Please remember to ensure that your smartphone or tablet is sufficiently charged before the event. You can also bring a reserve power bank with you.

New information: We are happy to announce that Geshe Thupten Jinpa’s talk WILL be translated into Dutch, German and French. If you have already purchased the code for translation for the morning sessions, you will also be able to use it for Sunday afternoon without cost.  If you wish to purchase the possibility to hear the translation, you can do so at Rotterdam Ahoy on Sunday. The cost is €7,50 and you must bring your own (charged) smartphone or tablet and earphones.

The movie 'The Last Dalai Lama' is in English, without translation to other languages.

Lunch on Sunday
We also offer you the option of ordering a packed lunch for the special price of €6.75 when ordering your ticket. This healthy and nutritious lunch consists of a two sandwiches (vegetarian), an apple and a bottle of water. This packed lunch is only available on Sunday.

Special Tickets
Special tickets for wheelchair users or those with hearing-impairments are available via the Ahoy Rotterdam Box Office: tel: 0900 – 2352469 or via

Children aged ten years or older can attend this event. The talks require too much concentration for children below the age of ten and are therefore not suitable for them. They would quickly become bored and unwittingly cause disruption for those around them.

Ordering multiple tickets
To order more than one ticket, please proceed as follows: klick on a seat, which will then change colour: once you have pressed the ‘choose’ button you can immediately select another seat.
In order to prevent the ordering and re-selling of large amounts of tickets, a maximum of 4 seats can be ordered at any one time. Should you wish to order more than 4 tickets, this can be done by logging in again and ordering during a separate session.

Order your tickets
Tickets can be booked here (click here) and will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Information for ordained Sangha Members (Buddhist clergy: monks and nuns)
We are very pleased to be able to offer seats free of charge to ordained Sangha members (Buddhist clergy: monks and nuns). To apply, please contact the secretariat:

Please arrive on time!
Because of the security controls, it is important to time your arrival for at least half an hour before the commencement of the public talk or the lesson.

Address: Ahoy Rotterdam, Ahoy-weg 10, 3084 BA ROTTERDAM

Travel information: on Sunday mornings it is difficult to travel to the Ahoy using public transport. Directions on how to reach the Ahoy Rotterdam can be found here.